About Suncoast Advisors Group

At Suncoast Advisors Group we are here to help Businesses reduce their Payroll Taxes by many thousands of dollars per year and at the same time enroll each qualified employee to obtain additional Supplemental Insurance products at no cost to them with any reduction in their take home pay. 

We also offer all types of Business Insurance including Worker’s Comp, which is always on the forefront of the business owner’s mind.  We can also help with; Life Insurance, Group Health Insurance and Individual Health Insurance, Payroll and HR services, Merchant Services and Credit Card service as well as Business and Employee Loan Program.

We also help individuals that are nearing retirement or already retired to consolidate their IRA’s or Mutual Funds to eliminate risk. We help people 50 and above to “Keep the money they have spent their whole lives earning.”


Our Team

Pierre LaMonde

Doug Linder

Fred Gericke