We will assess the need for protection in the event of death, injury, poor health, and loss of income or property. Our primary concern is focused on protecting you and loved ones from financial tragedy in the event of a physical loss.

One of the ways we help seniors is by offering a Long Term Benefit Plan.

A Long Term Care Benefit Plan is a unique, tax-advantaged financial option that extends the time a person would remain private pay and delays their entry onto Medicaid. All health conditions are accepted, there are no wait periods, no care limitations, no costs to apply, no requirement to be terminally ill, and there are no loans or premium payments. Policy owners use their legal right to convert an in-force life insurance policy to enroll in the Medicaid qualified Benefit Plan, and are able to immediately direct tax-free payments to cover their senior housing and long-term care costs.

24/7 access to quality healthcare
Tired of waiting days, weeks or even months to see a doctor? We give you 24/7 access to care in minutes. So, whether it’s 2 AM or you’re on vacation, quality care is available to you on your schedule. Learn More

We also offer Aliera Healtchcare
Dental, Vision, Short Term Disability and other plans are available. Learn More About Aliera Healthcare

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