We will work closely with you to educate you on the important rules regarding IRA accounts. When it comes to planning for the distribution of assets currently held in IRA accounts, there are some potential hazards that can cost you thousands in penalties and unnecessary taxation. We will help you navigate these risks and ensure your IRAs remain intact for you and your beneficiaries.

We will work with you and your attorney to aid in the establishment of wills, trusts, and other legal documents to help you control what you own during your lifetime. This planning also sets the stage for the worry-free transfer of assets to your beneficiaries while minimizing taxes and ensuring your estate avoids probate

We will utilize a variety of methods to plan for retirement among pre-retirees as well as those already retired. In addition, we will recommend appropriate savings vehicles and tax strategies that are geared toward enjoying a comfortable retirement, while constructing a distribution plan to ensure you will not outlive your income or assets.